More than a victim, I am a survivor of a dehumanization process.

Quote in the title: Ingrid Betancourt 

The history of men’s opposition to women’s emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Ok, I get it. It’s not going to stop until we all care about all (ALLOFITALLOFUS) in the organism that is humanity. The president last night in Mississippi?  Yeah, I could have skipped knowing about that. I’m triggered and I admit it. My rage is showing. My mask is slipping. It’s hard to stay focused and moving forward with all the LIFE stuff happening at WTF speed. (that’s really fast y’all)

The world? Too Much. Just too much. Personal life? Yeah we are good. Managing life? Welllllll, let’s just say we are learning to juggle the flaming chainsaws, that life is want to meter out…

I’m the ball in this image LOL

I turn inward. I sit down at my own round table (in my head) and call to order the meeting. All of the me’s take a seat and we hammer shit out. 

My internal round table always ends up like this in the end. Bunch of hooligans! LOL
We the people
Be kind to yourself 🙂

I approach myself with care on days like this. I need to be my own best friend and help myself. In doing so I can share from my saucer (not the cup, the cup is me and what I need to be whole healthy and alive). I take care of the person inside myself, who is feeling these wounded feelings. I observe her, I hold her, I tell her I will stay with her. I tell her she is safe now. I meditate. I pray, hard. 

After I ground myself, I always feel better. It doesn’t fix anything but it does help me to care for myself in a radically truthful way. It’s restorative. I’m having all the feels so I need to allow them to roll through. Yeah, its sounds hard because it is. Making art helps tremendously. I can enter flow state and find beauty, release, understanding and meaning in EVERYTHING. 

Follow the flow…I finished my mixed media work yesterday. I added a guiding star. It’s me. That star. It’s me twinkling starlight kisses to the entire globe. It’s my love shinning in the darkness. Small (only from a distance) Raw & Radiant. I am the star and the mist on the hills. I am the moon full and bright. I am the shadows, heaving mountains. I am the earthquake that opened the gorge. I am the blue sky and the dawns blush. I am the verdant hills and the swampy shallows.  I am awake. I am a machine programmed for love. I am an artist. I co-create new worlds, daily.

I am the dawns blush-HA! mixed media-2018

I am happy with it. As my loving partner pointed out yesterday, me being happy with a work at it’s finish, is a big deal. I’m usually ready to be done, when I’m finishing, this one was a song. Easy as butter and felt so nice. 

I feel like this painting was a moment of “going to church”. It was healing to finish. I’ll enjoy it’s time on the drying wall.

I love you all, I am praying and pulling for us all. I am hugging you and bringing your favorite tea. I am here, if you need me. Thanks for stopping by today, it sure means a lot to me. <3 HA! 

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