The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. ~Socrates

Good day to you, thank you for stopping in. I hope you are well. I know a lot of us humans are feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed and stressed…and don’t forget a fair amount of rage and indignation, with a dash of disgust. I talk to people everyday in my day job (intuitive coaching) and I’ve spent a lot of my work time this last week, dealing with triggered humans. 

Some of us trauma survivors tend to take it inside and internalize the feelings as “truths about ourselves”. BS stinking thinking. Never the less, I needed this little chart this morning, myself and I thought of you. I thought how you might need a reminder that it is gonna be ok. I thought maybe you might need a mental hug today, too. <3 I love you and am grateful you are here today, thanks so much! <3 

The studio has been a little cray-cray. OMG, there are lists everywhere and they are slowly getting checked off. Everything seems topsy-turvy with a lot of unexpected problems popping up. When I say problems I mean, things that money solves. Yeah, I know, that just means they are challenges, is all. I eat challenge for breakfast, so ya know, I’ll probably live through this soul expansion, as well. Finding grace in the grit of it all. Endurance is a skill set.

but…I brought cookies!

Truth is, it’s all hard. Business building, art making, family tending, money making, you get my point. If I look at the issues with my loving eyes, not those judgy bitches, I can start to see threads of creative connective tissue. I can see the lessons and the acceptance. I can see where I am making it harder on myself, again. I can see the old violence, I have endured and how it made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. I can see myself…past and future and she is making art. She is explaining and reframing the world inside of her head and outside too. Manifestation is simply an active agreement between two parties, in this case, it’s me and the Universe. 

I am working, went back to the brush and oils. I had a few pours that when dry, were not cutting it so I decided to go back in with oils…take a look.

After! I like it much better. 24″ x 20″ x 2″ 

Here’s the other one.

Before 20″ x 20″ 
After! Well, this one I’m still working on…so it’s a WIP. 

It’s been fun to start with an already formed idea (the original pour) and then take it forward into the oils and bring it to life. I miss painting in oils. I am so enthralled with controlled pouring adventures, that I have not been at the easel as much as the pouring table. It’s been slower paced and contemplative. Those things equal sanctuary for this ole bag of bones. 

yup…nuff said. let’s get on with it then. <3 

On top of the art, I’ve been learning the art of commercial making, product photography, writing ad copy and more on lighting and camera angles. I’ve been so busy with everything that I also decided to work on the web site. Yeah, I know…that’s what classified this as cray-cray. 

it’s true, I paint in my dreams, wake up and then paint my dream. 

This artist has got to boogie on the day. I hope you have the day you need. Thanks again for being here, you mean so much to me! <3 HA!

P.S. The Pro kits are available!

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