If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves.

Quote in title: Lane Kirkland

I’ve been working diligently to learn new skills. Right now I am knee deep in the learning of marketing, promotion, branding and  making advertisements that work. All while, not loosing my mind or hair in the process.

OY to the VEY. Onward. 

In the learning of these principles I have found some great resources that are filling the gaps wonderfully. Check them out they might help you in your business endeavors as well. 

The Basic Filmmaker

David Dugdale

After absorbing all the info I could, (just the first day of study) I practiced by making short marketing videos. The first video is the one I made before the education, to show the difference: 

This second one I made after the studying the first 5 rules of commercial making:

  1. Clearly define the Purpose
  2. Clearly define the Audience
  3. Clearly define the Message
  4. Clearly define the Command
  5. Make the commercial 

The third one, I did some re editing on the very first video and added a fun little song that Bill made up on the fly…we were talking about needing a “jingle” for the kits and he is the Pro musician/song writer, so I turned on the recorder and… well, like I said it was spontaneous and fun, we hope it makes you smile 🙂 I was looking for a way to bring our goofy personalities into view. You know, we are some fun ass people: 

Well that’s it so far. I will continue to learn and make small spots until it starts working and then, well…I’m gonna celebrate. 🙂

Happy Friday to all, I hope you have a great weekend. To all our friends, family and patrons in the paths of storms, worldwide, prayers have been said and candles lit for your safety and well being.

Praying hands sending the love light from my heart to yours.

Thanks for being here today. I love you everyday,


P.S. if ya wanna give feedback on the commercials…hit that comment button babe, I would appreciate it bunches. <3 

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