A new commercial! The Pour Paint Kit – check it out!

Hey there, I hope your Thursday is going well. I’ve been working on learning how to make good commercials. We just keep learning new things, round here. It’s what we do. Making great content videos is hard, making a commercial? OMG hard. I am sharing my experience, so far. I will get even better at it before the big shoot at the end of the month for our promotional video, which is different than a marketing commercial. 🙂 I am proud and nervous. LOL I guess that’s the way we roll, too. 

I’ve been working on the new Advanced-Pro kit, (due for release on 9/22/18) and I am so excited to release the kit and ALL the new videos too! In the end this kit will have 6 videos of different content!! I can’t wait to see what everyone makes with the new kits. 

For now though, we are making and shipping the Beginner kits, feedback so far is, they are a lot of fun and make great gifts! Yay! It’s really rewarding to see our product bringing people happy fun-time in their lives and bringing families and friends together! It’s simply, amazing. 

Here is the little video spot I made, I hope you like it…I talk and everything! lol

Love you all everyday,


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