Live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy.

Quote in title~ Kurt Vonnegut

I was watching Elon Musk this morning with Bill. In his recent interview with Joe Rogan.  We were laughing and entertained and wowed by his life. We thought what we would get up to, if we lived in his world? We have books of simple ideas and inventions that would help the world and make it more happy, safe and more whole. If we had the ability to transform the world what would we do first?

As we thought about it….we realized…funny thing is, we are already doing it.

Stage One of our Master Plan: to bring the joy of painting/creating/expressing to every human!
Next stop, stage two. Stay tuned, the next kit is launching in just a couple of weeks! 9/22/18

We don’t have his access to brains and money and power but you know what? We realized we are already doing the things, anyway. If we had all the money, our paint kits would be in every art therapy tool kit. It would be exciting our seniors into new neural experiences. It would be in every school, available to every child! We would see humans unlocking creative, receptive and healing brain neurons!!!  We would see the excitement that comes from making things with your own hands, something from inside, now tangible, reflecting human courage, innovation thinking and JOY!

Simple, sweet, ecstatic, Joy. Happy moments. Also the not so happy moments of learning and struggling and then conquering! (that’s the ecstatic part, lol) Best thing is, it builds confidence. A basic life enhancing skill. Just think what the world would be like if who we were was more important than the WHAT we were.

Imagine if everyone knew they could explore, through a simple medium, their  own unknown passions, or their own  inner healer and use these tools for co-creation of a better life and/or world! Would that kind of infection, indoctrination, assimilation, help create healthier, happier human beings? What if self expression was the gift of all? What if it was included in your education of living? 

That’s what we are doing. We will move to the larger scale love notes to the world as we grow. We will grow. We will spread this love for humanity that is inside our hearts and souls. We have a feeling we are living through a most amazing phase of evolution, maybe even the time when we realize we are just a huge organism, we are one, we are humanity.

We can love, laugh and let go of the fears of failing. We can do what we can, with what we have got, and love every hard moment that comes.

We have big goals. We have a ticking clock on the time left to make it happen…as we all do. Mine is a little louder and maybe a little closer to midnight than some. I am aware, unafraid and willing to create a win-win with the world at large.

HA! 2007 A.I.M. meme collection 

Thank you Elon Musk for being such an authentic being and allowing me to remember my own inner creator, reaffirming we are on the right path, to living our dreams. That being our true, goofy, driven and intelligent selves can work and that’s so freaking life affirming! That was an awesome boost to my system and I appreciate the energy shared, thanks so much, Elon. I’m re-inspired to work harder, be smarter and make it all happen. There’s work to do. I’m on it.

I hope you have the day you need. Thank you for being here today. 

I love ya every single day,

HA! <3 

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