Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.

Quote in the title:  Chuck Klosterman

I wanted to talk a little about the process of art making, for myself, of course. I am a self taught artist and have been happily learning to express myself with my own esthetic for 20 years now. This year, after more than a decade of hard work and soul scrubbing, learning my style in oil painting, I made a massive switch. 

It’s kinda a big deal.

Beauty in Imperfection #1 HA! 2017- fluid acrylics

At first, I thought…well maybe this will be the thing that breaks the stall I’m in. I hit the wall so to speak on my current body of work in the oils. I got all locked up in my head about my subject matter and well, lost my will to push through and paint it anyway. My physical situation has also, uuummm let’s just say, ramped up it’s presence in my daily life. It’s been super hard on my human ego, to be truthful. Me brain pan was off floating in the tulle weeds, as they say. We tried for a long while to find the “thing” that would pull me out of my tailspin.

Then, we found fluid acrylic art. 

I rise-I continue- HA! 2018- fluid acrylics

The rules are: no brushes and you get a puddle of paint to do something with. UM, YES. Sign me up, take my money, whatever. All I had to do was look into it…there are millions of people, worldwide, making art (some for the first time) and sharing techniques. It’s the Open Source of the artworld. 

Yoga series-Tree pose-HA! 2018- fluid acrylics

We took to it like a duck to water! We immediately stopped watching all the videos and holed up in the studio with a bunch of paint and canvas. I mean we didn’t come out till we had painted 100 paintings. We had to find our own style and way of expressing with this new medium. We worked and failed and worked some more…I’m not joking this is the current state of the studio art vault room:

Holy overload BatMan! That’s a lot of art!
And that’s only HALF of the room! I couldn’t walk all the way inside without risking death and it’s still early in the day so I think I’ll pass on the broken hip today, thanks! 

Why I have decided to move to this medium for making art is twofold. 

  1. I will never not be able to oil paint, you don’t unlearn things like that. 
BAM! the dam burst and I could feel the flow again.

Personal Liberation isn’t a small thing.


In the most spiritual, primal and yes wounded parts of myself were set free, in those magical puddles of paint. No real controls only intention works. When I approach the canvas now, I am an open channel to source again. I feel the flow. My brain feels released from the grind and I am free from all my “not good enough, not making enough, not interesting enough, not young enough, not working hard enough, ectara.” = total BS. Still… life had me by the throat for awhile while.  I struggled to swallow yet another bitter pill. (Facts of life I can’t change or control) 

Big Sky – HA! 2018- fluid acrylics 

I can feel the conversation with the universe again. When I am in agreement with the way things are…I (silly human) am happy. When I will not accept or refuse to agree to what is, PAIN on every level of being. 

Good lord knows, I am a special case of stubborn. 

The why of painting in this medium is the healing effect it gives my entire being. The anticipation of the next new thing to learn and conquer is like…manna. 

Gathering of the Manna (oil on panel) Peter Paul Rubens / Flemish    1577-1640. SN 211, Oil on Canvas. c1625

I intend to continue painting. All the painting. In doing so, I recover a little more of my true self, everyday. Healing and inspiring myself to greater levels of, THIS FEELS GOOD. 

I’m feeling good again (in the brain pan), it’s a blessing. Today, I’ll take it. I hope you are having the day you need, all my love and thanks for being here today! HA! 

Happy pouring! 

Current obsession – Trees. 🙂 Only like 60,000 more to go but, it’s a start! 🙂

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