The Controlled Pour Report- The weekend ahead & a new video

Hey art fans, I’m just dropping by real quick to share a couple things with everyone. First, I have been continuing on my self taught path of learning to pour all the trees. I’ve done 3 now, The Old Tree: 

The old tree video 

Then I did the Spirit Tree: 

Spirit Tree

Yesterday I did Palm Trees at Sunset (I love sunsets):

Palm Trees at Sunset

Fun, am I right? I hope you are out there pouring some great art too. We have a busy weekend ahead, which brings me to the other news.

I am storyboarding for our first real commercial for the pour paint kits! I need to stage an event for filming. I’m thinking we would need several people ( of all ages) to come to the set and watch us do live sales pitching and demo’s for you and allow us to film the process. We want your beautiful face and soul on camera! We will offer payment in sparkling conversation, fantastic food, a fine sampling of adult beverages & fun stuff. Lots of laughing and fun will be had and we will work hard to get the footage needed in just one day. We are brainstorming for the film location and are leaning towards getting a permit to set up in a local park. Would any of our fans here in the PDX area be interested in such a project? Any volunteers? It’s not going to be a super hard or complicated event, no lines to learn or anything, really just filming reactions and our presentation for the product. FYI we have a small amount of experience in filming in this way, so it should be a day rife with good bloopers. Lemme know if you’d be interested in such an event, we are hoping to have it done by the end of the month.

I love you all big, big. Have a safe and creative weekend. Happy Pouring!


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