The Controlled Pour Report- New video- Spirit Tree

Hello art fans! I hope you had a great long weekend. We visited with family and ate really good food. We rested (as much as we are capable of anyway) and we are ready to go! Restored and energized to share more great ideas for art making. Today I posted a video about my newest painting experience, Spirit Tree. Check it out:

Spirit Tree- HA! 2018_ AlleyVision Painting of a spirit tree, as above so below.
Spirit Tree 14″ x 14″ fluid acrylics HA! 2018 

Here’s the creation video, I hope you enjoy watching it! 🙂

Spirit Tree Video- 2:45 long 🙂 Thank you for watching!!

I am working on learning how to do all the trees….all  the  trees!! I look forward to sharing them with you.

A close up lookie loo 

I must run and do adulting type activites…oh, the glamorous life of a self representing, living artist. Yeah, that’s how I roll…the the grocery store anyway. lol

Have a great week everyone, I love you everyday.

HA! <3 

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