The Controlled Pour Report- Friday fun day-new video

Hey there art fans! I hope you are getting ready for a wonderful long weekend. We will be shooting video and hanging out with family, I can’t wait for a little fun!! I’ve been busy in the studio, pushing forward on my style and skill sets. I rocked this old tree…take a look.

Beautiful sunny blue sky with scatterd clouds an old tree sits on a green hillside, with the light playing along the branches.
The Old Tree 14″ x 14″ HA! 2018

I made a video of it too, of course! 

I got totally inspired looking at some beautiful pictures of Mt. Hood from the blooming tulip fields in Clackamas. I had to give it a go! Here is how that painting turned out…I did film it but I’ll put that video together for next week. 

Calm clear blue sky over Mt. Hood from the bright happy tulip fields. HA! 2018
Mt. Hood and the tulip fields HA! 2018 -14″ x 14″

I like this one because of the extra low horizion line. I feel like I nailed the floating that our mountain always looks like its doing. The red tulip fields and rich greens of the treeline make the whole painting vibrant and mysterious too. I’m going to try this view again, for sure. I hope you like it!

Well, I have to get going on all the things, ya’ll know how it is. Big love to all, HA!

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