The Controlled Pour Report- The new & improved Pour Paint Kit- Relaunch today!

So much fun in one box, it’ll blow your mind!

Hey there art fans! Today is the re-launch day for the new & improved pour paint kit! yaaaaaay! I am a little bit excited, can you tell? 🙂 We have worked really hard, over the last year to create the very best, art experience in a box, the world has ever seen! Now every kit comes in it’s own pouring tray (pizza box), has a durable, reusable apron, 8 paints (including the Neon’s!), 2 bottles of PVA school glue (for making your DIY pouring medium) 5- 8″ x 10″ canvases and cups, stir sticks, gloves (non latex) and push pins! All that AND new instructional videos too! Yes, we love you and want you to be thrilled with your experience!

Kit pictured with 3 of the paintings we made with the kit-free online tutorials for all!
Kit comes with everything you need so you get started quick!

We are confident, with the new video instructions and more paint to play with, you will have the best time ever, learning to pour paint like a pro! Great for parties & events, these kits can be bought signally, or in a 5 kit party pack! 

Kits are available online in the AlleyVision shop! We are taking pre-orders for the Advanced kit, due out on 9/10/18! Just send us an email to be placed on the pre-order list. (

This kit is so big it comes in 2- 14″ pizza boxes! 

We spent a year in product development for this kit. The hard work has paid off, we learned that our patrons wanted, well in a word, MORE!

So, you got MORE! 8 paints and double the DIY pouring medium. A pour tray to keep things cleaner, (the box is the tray) and everyone needs an apron! We have  one size, can be fitted to all, Tyvek aprons. They are soft, durable, re-useable, adjustable and waterproof! Throw them in the washer, if you want! We worked to remove as much plastic and waste from the kits as possible. We also, tested the colors included in the kit a 100 times, to make sure there was no mud making colors! You can feel confident that your artwork will turn out awesome, every time!  We wanted to bring the joy of creativity to everyone on the planet, so we made this kit with you and your family, in mind. We kept the price low too!

The new kits are priced at  only $50.00 USD with free shipping (inside the USA only, sorry).

Free shipping ends 9/30/18, so get your kit on the way today! They make wonderful gifts for the holidays. There is no other product on the market like ours. We are in the trademarking process, so we have double checked! 🙂

Being that we are the first in the marketplace, for our kits, we worked hard to make it the most fun experience we can imagine. We have designed it to open up humans of all ages and all skill sets, to fun, easy and addictive art creation. Our mission is to create the easiest and most expressive art kits in the world. We would love nothing more than to see every human tap into the creative force of themselves! Every one is an artist with AlleyVision art kits! We can make you into an pour paint expert in just one kit! With our online library of tips, tricks and new techniques and our all inclusive paint kits, you just can’t go wrong.

Get yours today! 

Thanks for being here today and happy pouring! Here’s the link to the new kit!

<3 HA! 

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