The Controlled Pour Report- Banana Crackers

Hey there art fans! OMGoodness, it’s been another busy week here in studio. We have made real progress, on the final testing, on the advanced kit. Filming has been happening all week for the special tutorials. Here are some pictures of those works.

A beautiful fluid art painting of a summer mountain range at sunset.
Tutorial #1 Summer mountain range at sunset

Fluid art painting of the ocean and golden sand beach at sunset
Tutorial #2- Oceans at sunset

Nice eh? I love the new paint we have invested in, I know you all will love working with these rich pigments too! These paintings were both made with the advanced kit. I have at least one more to create, but I’m thinking about the kind  of landscape I want to teach. The two I did are the most popular artworks we have made in studio. The third one I want to be amazing too…so the thinking. Maybe a desert? Feel free to throw suggestions my way in the comments.

best thing about the paint, for me so far, has been how when dry, the paint is so glossy that you won’t need to top coat them when dry! We went through so much paint finding just the right one for the effects we wanted, it was daunting at times. Paid off though! We have an excellent product and the paint looks fantastic! Awesome sauce. We have been working our day jobs AND putting in full time hours on the new kits. I am striving for the most excellent art experience we can provide. Looking for ways to add value and ease. Looking for the perfect combination of things to make this creative process fast, easy and FUN! Whew! 

Stacks of cardboard pizza boxes with fancy ribbon handles
The stacks of kits as they come off my assembly table…every single kit is hand packed and checked for perfection by us. 

We have been working on packaging and product labels. It’s really hard! Not that I am complaing, it’s uber important and fun to make art to sell the idea of making art. lol Branding is not for the weak or lazy. Man, I tell you, being a self representing artist is harder and MORE exciting than ever! The business of being a working artist is serious stuff, indeed. Our product is amazing though and we know we will someday be responsible for someone, some where in the world, discovering that they ARE an Artist!

How cool is that? It’s an art infection widespread and fast moving, liberating the trapped and untapped creative potentials of humans? YAY! Bring it Universe. I am way down with that mission. 

I did make a couple of other video’s last week, not for the kits, and they are below if you have the time. I hope everyone is super well and good. I love ya all to pieces and so appreciate you stopping by to check in on us. Thank you for being here today,

HA! <3

The videos: (one of them is super fun, it’s our fur baby showing off his super smart puzzle solving skills)

The water flip cup (another way to make a body of water in a landscape pour painting)
The paper cup flower-fast, fun and easy!

Our little guy is so smart!!! 

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