The controlled pour report-Send Wine ASAP

Hello art fans! I am so glad you stopped by today, I have a couple of new things for ya. 🙂

First let me catch you up on the what’s what in studio. The watercooler gossip is that the artist duo known as HAWA, have lost their collective minds and gone rouge. 

Fact of the matter is we are working hard and barely looking up from the “get it done” yoga pose that is our life. The kit redesign schedule is…on schedule. We shot the new content for the new and improved, Basic pour paint kit. This weeks schedule includes such highlights as: 

  1. Complete the product label project…OMG, y’all , this one has me all in the feels.  

2. Edit the raw footage for the first set of instructional videos. (This is one that I like doing! lol) 

We have reason to feel good, but it’s also a threat to feel too good and I will pay attention that that doesn’t happen.

Sebastian Vettel

3. Accounting 

This is where the wine comes in. 

4. Shoot & create a new fun video this week, adding extra fun.  

This is what I feel like when I get to be me and make stuff and listen to music and be free to create. <3

All that and I also have family stuff, household stuff (also where the wine comes in) me: coz I’m not in love with cleaning, also me: “this is house is UNSAT and must be corrected!” sheesh) So, off I go to do the day job and create all the good things and take care of the rest. Love to you all, I hope this finds you well. Prayers have been said for you all. Thanks for being here today. HA! 

LOL you thought I forgot about the new stuff? Nope! Here’s the 2 videos from last week, in case you missed them. 🙂 

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