The Controlled Pour report- The Red Barn Show & news

Here we were, the day was hot, the ground dry and dusty. Your intrepid art adventurers  were in the Burbs. The wild, untamed heartland. The field of art & crafts…yes, I’ll say it…the field of dreams.

The day started out pretty good, there was confusion about where we were actually supposed to be. We settled that quickly. Then… WA went to move the cars around the block for parking…and BAM! he had a low-speed, head on collision, with a woman who was on her phone and cut a corner. At least WA was able to come to a complete stop, while blaring the horn, before she just drove right into him, on his side of the road, sitting still. Yeah…some people would say, wrap it up folks, this day is shot!

Not us, nope…we just shook it off and we continued, after calling everyone and doing all the things. We were still set up and ready to go before the opening bell.  We are professionals. The show, goes on.

We were pretty busy all day, we poured a lot of paint and sold out of the Neon pour paint kits we brought. Every one liked the artwork but they were not the buying art crowd, really. They were the buying art kits crowd, so we were über grateful! We got tons of compliments on the artwork, so that was great.  I’ll tell ya though, 9-4 in 98 degree weather…not for the faint of heart.

Our fellow vendors were a great bunch and by the end of the day we had made new friends. That was the best part. We got approached by a few other people to come do their events later in the year. That was nice, they said we were selling hard-core but it was very entertaining and they liked that. We will see.

Overall, it was a pretty good day in sales and networking. We thank the wonderful people we met in Gresham. They were the nicest people ever and we loved sharing the joy of making art with so many interested people!!!Y’all were just the best, thank you so much for being so welcoming. Shout out to all our new friends out in Gresham!

may be done with the outlying areas for the year, we have focused on a bigger event, here in Portland, so we are busy with the pre-planning business wise, for the  logistics of that opportunity. If we land the gig, y ‘all will be the first to hear about it!

In other news, we have decided to upgrade and redesign the basic skills kits! The Primary and the Neon will be re-done, re-packaged (omg I love our new packaging idea, can’t wait to share with you) and re-priced for added value. We also are doing the 3rd expansion of the year and bringing out 2 NEW kits, in time for the impending holidays!

An intermediate skill level kit and a pro-gear kit. It’s all about the kits up in the studio right now, graphic designs, planning the re-shoot of the instructional videos and making new content for the new kits! Whew…we have given ourselves 12 weeks to complete the tasks…starting this week. Yeah, I love a new goal post…all shiny and bright out in the field of possibilities! Bring it! We are excited that the kits have done well enough this year, for the upgrade and expansion to continue. Thank you to all our kit owners out there, we LOVE you! You make it possible for us to expand our dreams and keep eating food! Can’t thank you enough for your patronage. We are working so hard to make the kits the best thing ever.  You have given feedback, love and encouragements and we have listened! I can’t wait to share the next level of AlleyVision Paint Kits with you all. I think you are going to love it! We have one Beta tester for the new kit…I am looking for 2 more art inclined/or artist people, who would like to test the basic skills kit and give me honest feedback. It’s not ready for delivery yet, but in the next week or two it will be ready enough for testing. If this sounds like something you might be into (unpaid) please get ahold of me! (we pay shipping and there is no cost to the tester)

That’s all for me today, I’m off to the  day job and then the studio punch- list. Let’s make it a great, creative and loving day! Big love, HA! <3

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