Controlled Pour Report- New 3D painting is finished! Woot!-Mt. Hood- AlleyVision

3D series Mt. Hood #1 – HAWA 2018- fluid acrylic painting

15″ x 39″ (outside dimensions of framed unit)

Hey Everyone! I’ve been working…I mean WE have worked our fool heads off in this gosh durn heat wave…(the words in my head are much more sailor mouthed) more like a lake of hot air parked itself over the PNW and decided to stay…for weeks! Ugh, I am a baby when it’s too hot or too cold. It messes with this old bag of bones and makes me grumpy and surly. I’m not even cute enough for that to work, so to keep myself tame I’ve been working on this painting. It’s been fun and took all week! WA built the “frame tray” (our new product line! Toot- Toot! That may not end up its name, for now its just a working title. ) We drew out the outline of the layers on Birchwood panels (so yummy to paint on in any medium, my favorite substrate)

Then, we cut those out and prepped everything…assembled at the end and BAM! This happened! ——–>

We painted the whole thing in our favorite deep gray and threw in some gold accents for that special touch. It’s super fun!!!! It’s also a 3D painting, it throws natural shadows and plays with the light it’s exposed to.  I took the photos outside, no filters and under the covered patio. I love it! It’s gonna be a hard one to part with, I love first times, they are my favorite times! Ok, I’ll chill on the exclamation points, but in case you missed it, I’m excited and happy.

It’ll be going over to the shop floor here in a minute and become available for purchase. These tray frames are made of wood, but even better, recycled wood headed for the dump. These began life as a false wall somewhere and were going to be thrown away. The birch was bought new. WA tries to reuse everything he can find, I cheer him on in his in efforts to love the planet. (and my over the top requirements for substrate to paint, paint, paint) We spent a few days just getting the lines right…it looks so simple, I love that, trust me this was hard. Once we had the shapes right I started painting. These are all controlled pours, the mountain was done with laying in colors via stick and trowel…the background was a flip cup or two and the foreground was two dirty ribbons.

The whole thing weighs about 13 pounds…we are looking into materials now that will be lighter in the future, the smaller version WA just finished for our Saturday event look like this:

These are 12′ x 12″ x 1.5″ Made from a recycled wooden futon! I love these, we will be offering the visitors at the event to use our professional paints and paint one of these pre-framed pour trays! When they are dry, you can dress of the frames with paints or anything you can dream of. Then flip it over….and do it again! It’s a double-sided wood frame tray. The picture is one facing “front” and the other one is the “back”. Cool right?

These ended being lighter and taught us to look for a slightly different resource. 🙂 learning all the way, yup, that’s how we roll.  We have 15 opportunities to paint at the Red Barn Art Fair, in Gresham. We think this will be a popular event so come early if ya wanna paint, once they are gone, they are gone!

Look at this beauty:

it’s just so awesome and I am sooooo ready to make another one…I have new ideas. This series is gonna be so much fun. Stay tuned!

Big love, HA! <3




  1. elementhealing
    August 6, 2018

    I absolutely love this!

    1. alleyvision
      August 7, 2018

      Thanks so much for letting me know I really appreciate it and YOU! <3


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