The Controlled Pour Report- Happy Monday the show is live & new video


Hello art fans! Happy Monday!

It’s been a long day all ready here in the studio. I mean it’s only noon as I write this. We have been up to some different stuff this last weekend…we made hats, top hats, foam top hats, to be specific. WHY? I think I heard one of you ask that, telepathically, of course. I’ll answer that with a link, so you can skip the google and learn more about top hats and why they are important to Americans, if you so desire.   Abraham Lincoln  

Plus: it’s soon to be the 4th of July, duh.

Also: WA and I’s 4th wedding anniversary. We got married at an outdoor 4th BBQ, just so we could have fireworks every year. (in our mind its a celebration of OUR love, too, across the country! lol).

Sheesh the hubris of artists…what are you gonna do?

May I suggest making your own top hat? It’s fun, easy and makes you feel like a super bad ass when you wear them. Also, you don’t have to carry your signs in a march, you can always just wear your custom top hat and your arms won’t get so tired. As well as, you won’t have your stick with your sign’s attached to it, taken away, because you know…dangerous weapons, potentially. No ones gonna get hurt with a foam top hat! Plus, free speech on clothing is a supreme court decision…1st amendment all the way, daddy-o.

You may need your top hat for some other reason, you do you, boo! If you make one, share! We wanna see!

I have tons to do before this 4th…we are offering these hats to anyone that wants one…no money, just love. (While they last) Some of us don’t want to knit a pink p&ssy hat…now,  give me a top hat with something good on it? yup, you guessed it, I’m down.

See ya on the flip side my friends!

Your friend in love and art,





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