The Controlled Pour Report- T- minus 2 days-clear the runway

Hello and good day art fans! We have a new video of the making of the HUGE work “The Grand Vista” from the Peddling Panoramas collection. It’s not a how – to video, think more, watching- it- be -made,  kind of video. I painted that day for almost 7 hours before it was all done. Whew! I hope you enjoy the video, I loved making this work, I also hope that shows, in the end. 🙂 The entire collection will go live online and in person on Saturday. EeeeeeK! Pass the coffee and burn rubber on me…I gotta get back to work.

Big love to all,

your friend in love and arts,


“The grand vista”

72″ x 24″ x 2″ diptych Fluid acrylic controlled pour on museum grade canvas

HA! 2018 HAWA- We are Alleyvision

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