The Controlled Pour Report-3 days to launch

Hello Art Fans, I’m back to talk about all the things. I hope this missive finds you well and good in your worlds.

I have a heavy heart, about the world and personal stresses too. Being a professional intuitive creator, I allow the broken heart to remain when it surfaces. We all have a broken heart on some issue, trauma, or event. I invite the hurt in and feed it lunch…mostly cookies. I allow 24 hours to pass without dealing, stifling or otherwise silencing the hurt. I instead get in there and be hurt. Roll around in it, get it all over the place. Permission is granted. After 24 hours I allow the re folding…this blog post marks that stage of its evolution, this time round the spiral, I call life.  I sort the chaos that was delivered. I used my non judgmental mind to find truth. Once identified, it is loved, accepted and allowed to continue on it journey in the spiral. When it comes round again, I will be a smarter version of my self. Therefore, (if theory holds) I will effect a different outcome and possibly solve the real problem and it can clear the spiral. I release it, with intention back into the field of source and move the heck on, with my pockets full of fresh, shiny new, wisdom and cookie crumbs.

The Stage Dance- oils on wood- HA! 2017 – Original available

This reality is hard, I am not hard. I am a soft bellied creature, made for love. I need to love everything, it’s actually why I am here. I came with so much open hearted loved…now I embrace the experience.  The artwork is the transmutation of observable experiences and the mindful reworking of trauma. The artwork is our love manifested into a real object. One that hopefully, creates a little love bubble in the world. A bulletproof, bad ass, shiny bubble of love. yup. That’s how we roll.

Last one out- HA! 2009- oils on canvas-original is sold

So, with the chaos sorted, I go back to the work. Doing all the things and trying not to harm myself in the doing, ofallthethings. The only other thing to do is become (one of the pod people) what the hard times want me to be…quiet, meek and constantly wounded. To that I say a hearty, fuck you, no. When they come, I will fight for us all…even the ones that hate. I fight with ham fisted love, so watch your step.

Question Everything-HA! 2012-oils -sold

I love you and I hope you have a great day.

Your friend in love and arts,



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