The Controlled Pour Report- The Peddling Panoramas Collection

Here we go! The date is set, we have everything so close to ready, I can taste it. (tastes like chocolate & bacon, fyi) We are excited to unveil the collection, we hope everyone will enjoy it. LAWD have mercy…I will say, being a professional artist is a ton of work, most of which, has very little to do with real  art making. Those nitty-gritty, details are the parts that make the business work. As we see our works go out into the world, (we call it “releasing them into the wild) we get to allow the next conceptual work to enter in. Now that we understand what it is that we do very, very well together, it’s easier to get all the gears turning and moving into action.

Beauty in Imperfection #1- HA! 2018 Alleyvision

We are intuitive, conceptual, visionary artists. Yup, that’s a mouthful, but as an artist in the world, you get asked to describe your own work to strangers all the time. The right words count, big time. It took us a full year of working on a body of work to show, to discover the right working words.

What are the words that best describe your work? How did you discover that fact? Burning questions…tell us in the comments.

The hat is from our resist collection, born on election night. We are not political artists, the world does influence the work. The world is very mean hearted now and I’m just asking that we now as people, resist HATE. Hate allows what you hate to control you. We resist all forms of bigotry and all other DIS-empowering bull crap humans are doing to each other. We embrace the power of love which has no political party. (yet, let’s get on that shall we?)

I gotta run and make that day job cheddar, being a professional artist also is very, very expensive and I like eating everyday. Sheesh.

We love you everyday and hope your Tuesday is wonderful.

Your friend in love and the arts,


Everyone is an artist with our pour paint kits!

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