The controlled pour report-wait…is it Monday, again!?


Monday! Sheesh, you know the average human in our country only gets 104 days off every year? You know WA and I are burning every single minute we have left, on this planet. Living the dream…for real. We are also tired as all hell. lol them’s the breaks. Speaking of breaks…here’s a sneak peak of what we are up too.

You got it, those are awesome vintage wheels that now are perfect frames with big sky and mountains paintings inside them. We can’t wait to revel the entire sculpture/painting  when we hang the show! This collection of work has been a blast to create and we are looking forward to seeing it up. There are 9 large works in total and it looks incredible up in here! We also finally came up with the series title….drum roll please, The Peddling Panoramas Collection! Yay!

We will announce the exact date soon, it will be up by the 1st of July any how.

Well, I have to go burn rubber on details for the show. I hope you all have a great creative day! xxoo HA! <3

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