The Controlled Pour Report- Another week speeds by

Hey world! I’m back from my Wonder-Full business trip to Cali. I just thought I’d show you my business suit that I wore. I don’t have any paint on me! (miracles do exist) You can tell its serious business because I’ve got my dress up converse’s on. 🙂 they have gold polka dots, because I’m a serious bad ass, boss lady. Keep it straight.

Ok, seriously it was great weather, incredible food, inspiring work and a slew of new friends. You can’t do better than that. 🙂

Back in the studio….work goes back to, well work on finishing the show for July. We can’t waste a moment and I feel the time ticking. We only have finishing work to do so I feel confident. Plus the work is turning out…really good, some of our best work to date. Can’t beat that with a stick, either. I’ll take it.

I wanna introduce y’all to an artist who is really transforming the idea of controlled pouring. This is Ros Beck Art. Check out the work because, omg you will be so inspired and motivated to find your own art excellence. The work is incredible, intuitive and soulful. We love your work Ros Beck! Feast your eyeballs and get that mojo going for your own voice in the world! What’s your excellence gonna look like? I love finding living artists that inspire my drive to be most excellent in my work. Support living artists, the dead ones are all owned by billionaires, so they good. 😂 🙌 Go forth and be excellent!


That’s it for  me I have to sign off and log into my work day…keep it kind out there and work, work, work for the wonder and the love it all. <3 Be well friends,



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