The Controlled Pour Report- Friday fun day!

And Still I Rise 16″ x 20″ – HA! 2018 (Available for purchase click here to see)

Hey good Friday art fans, I hope you are having a bang-the-gong, great  one. We all made it another week round the sun, congrats’! 🙂

I will be working on the extra huge landscapes for the HopWorks Bike Bar and WA will be in the other part of the studio being the mad genius building his custom frames and sculptures. Its going to be all saw dust and wet paint, up in here.

I’m gonna go mix up a ton of paint now…if you don’t hear from me in two days… awwww, never mind just throw money or send wine. See ya on the flip side my peeps! Big Love, HA! <3

Courage 2 HA! 2008

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Little to fear HA! 2009 oils 18″ x 24″




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