The Controlled Pour Report- We have a new video check it out

Big Sky study #13- 20″ x 16″ HA! 2018 Fluid acrylic pour painting -landscape art-alleyvision

Hey art fans…I’m back. It’s getting to be a “thing” I guess so I should just get on with it. 🙂  The painting above is my work from yesterdays studio time. I even made a video with my handy-dandy new camera. Check it out:

I hope you like the video! We are only 3 subscribers away from our first 100 and when we reach that goal we get to name our channel alleyvision, instead of all those numbers, it’ll make everything easier to find on the net. I’m excited because we are hitting every goal, art wise, business wise, and our personal unity is solid and strong. It’s really amazing.

I have to jet today, much to do and less time to do it. I hope this post finds you well. I love you everyday 🙂


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