The Controlled Pour Report – Skies the limit & a live feed!

Big Sky (study) fluid acrylic controlled pour painting 20″ x 16″ HA! 2018

Hey there art fans, I hope this report finds you well and good in your worlds.

We are hard at work in the revamped studio. New camera equipment arrived yesterday (YAY!) and we hooked that bad boy up, lickety-split.

WA got in there and did a live pour, using one of his techniques, the double tree ring pour- Landscape style. It’s a great technique and produces wonderful results. Check my man out:

Here’s a picture of the finished artwork

WA 2018 20″ x 16″ $120.00 with free shipping (USA)

Niiiiice, eh? I love it.

The top painting is my work for yesterday, I am still working on sky studies in preparation for the upcoming pour…It’s going to be a expensive pour so I want it to be right before I go in. This Big Sky Collection is getting great reviews and I’m excited to share the first 10 works at the Hopworks Bike Bar, in July.

I have work to get to the studio and the day beckons me yonder. I hope you all have a great day! Happy pouring!

<3 big love, HA!

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