The The Controlled Pour Report – Monday in the new improved studio!

Big Sky #6- 24″ x 24″ x 2″ HA! 2018 -fluid acrylic painting

Hello and top of the day to ya, art fans. 🙂

This weekend went by so fast for us! I don’t know about you but we are experiencing time differently these days. Liner time is always the grind, isn’t it? Never enough of the “free time”, because most human hours are either making money or spending money. Sheesh, it can be a real Debbie downer if you are not filling up your soul, every chance you get. That’s where our story begins, today.

WA made the most of the weekend by creating some great new art work and (drum roll, please) re-modeled the studio! Check out the new pour station! We can pour up to 48″ x 80″ now…its impressive but welcoming, at least I think so. Take a look.

Am I right?! Man I love the space now. It’s art command central, up in here!

Of course, as soon as he was done I had to use it and make it messier…it’s my job people…my j-o-b.

I painted the painting at the top. We are preparing for hanging a special landscape series in the Hopworks Bike Bar on Williams, in July. They are conceptual works that will become more 3D when they are completed. I can’t wait to show you guys! The works we are planning are large in scale too, hence the prep work on the studio to make sure we have all the stuff and space needed to make it amazing. The picture of the studio above, shows one half of the room, the pour station. The other half of the room is oil painting stations and a wall of easels.

It’s really inspiring to be in this space and I am loving it. The big hand painting is mixed media, oils and fluid acrylics. It is waiting for WA to squeeze more time into his day and build the frame for it. He is a whiz at everything that guy and he is an adventurous & inspired artist too! (swooning, excuse me)

WA 2018 8″ x 10″

WA 2018 10″ x 8″

WA 2018 16″ x 20″


WA 2018 16″ x 20″

I know right? He has so many talents, it’s awesome.

One more thing…we have 94 subscribers over at our you tube channel (thank you, we love you!) we need just 6 more to make it to the first milestone ( and ability to gain control over our channel) of 100 subscribers. We are getting lots of views (thank you, we love you!) so that portion of the requirements are being met, but we have to have 100 subscribers to be able to name our channel AlleyVision, instead of a string of numbers and the like. So, if you have a moment stop by the channel and subscribe. Please and thank you, we love you! lol 🙂


I have to get on with my Monday day job I hope you all have a fantastic  creative day. I love you everyday! Thank you for being here! Yay humans! HA!  <3

Come join our encouragement group. We talk business, art making, techniques and insider info on the fluid acrylic pouring world. See you there!



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