The Controlled Pour Report- Friday in the studio

Big Sky #6-fluid acrylic pour painting-HA! 2018 20″ x 16″ x 1″

Hello art fans! It’s me HA! back for another pour report. Yay! lol It’s Friday and I feel a little wacky, we have worked for the last 14 days straight and we are a little blown out at the moment. Never the less, the pouring continues! Up there you can see today’s work, I am still in study mode for a super huge landscape, I hope to pour this weekend. The new painting is going to be 24″ x 48″ x 2″. OY! I got huge measuring cups to pour it and the amount of paint going down is a little frightening.

so. much. paint.

What I’m working through is the planning of the overall painting. It’s like choreography when I do the big ones. Right now I’m thinking about the sky I want. Today’s example is a swiped ribbon pour, the difference being that I swiped in just one direction and I used less (it was so hard for me) color.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the sky…one direction or like yesterday’s work, all over? I’m going to go pour a monochrome landscape just to prove to art brain that we are super good at non-color work too. Sheesh, art brain needs a chill pill, for real. I’ve been dreaming of the work for months now, regularly. Me head is stuffed to busting with ideas.

Tomorrow is the Pour Hour with AlleyVision on the you tube channel. We are going to be taking on the tree ring pour and the walking tree ring.

It’ll be fun, show starts at 9am stop in and say hi!

So, I must get on with the day, I have a long one at the day job and I have paintings to make, so I’ll see ya on the flip side. Do good and be good out there. I love you, everyday.

HA! <3

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