The Controlled Pour Report & some good news too!

20″ x 16″ x 1″  Big Sky Series #5 HA! 2018

Good day art fans! Above you can see my work for the day, it was poured this morning and is still wet in the photo. I tried a few different things this time, WA? mentioned trying it with all ribbon pours. I did the whole painting in layers of color banded ribbons and the land was done the same way. between the color bands I put a swath of white paint. At the end I just swiped up through the layers. I looooove this technique so much. Great tip WA?, it worked great!

here it is before the land and mountains went in.

Anyhooooo….I’m just popping in to do fun stuff. I have a rare (sooooo rare) day off from my day job. I have already talked myself out of all the housework that needs doing, it went something like:

art brain: screw that!

regular brain: but…we really should do a few things fir……

Art Brain: Shut the holy hell up woman! don’t make me come in there!

ok…so no house work today. YAY! Next.

Super cool good news this morning. I met up with the so very nice, Emily, over at the Hopworks Bike Bar  off of N. Williams. They have invited us to hang our works in their very cool establishment. We will be there for the month of July and we are working on some paintings just for this uber groovy place. We will be  showcasing our large abstract landscapes in fluid art. I’m stoked!

Ok, so that’s all for me today, must beat feet to the pouring table. I love you, everyday! HA! <3

come join our group, share your work, sell your work if ya want too and generally do crazy bad ass art with like minded folks!


  1. LuckyXIIICreations
    June 7, 2018

    What a beautiful painting! I’ve been plotting out how to do some landscape type ones myself. So many options, not enough time to play!

    1. alleyvision
      June 8, 2018

      Thanks! I would love to see yours when you do them so come back and share or shoot me a link! Happy pouring! 😉


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