The Controlled Pour Report- Wednesday in the Alleyvision Studio-fluid art

Full painting: 16″ x 20″ HA! 2018

Happy Wednesday art fans…there is so much going on in the studio these days, it’s bonkers! Above you’ll see my morning painting, we are prepping for another showing and I want something spectacular (what’s new, eh?).

Check out the shop page too before you jet off, I am putting in new works that are cured and ready for their new homes. We are so pleased and excited about the work and peoples reaction to it. Very rewarding feeling, so thanks all of you for that.

I’m getting excited for this weeks live feed show too! We are getting a ton of views now and people are inspired and pouring their hearts out all over the world! Its so. much. fun.

I’m thinking maybe we cover my style of tree ring pours, with all the different ways to make them and use them in your work. Today’s painting is an example of this technique. I think it’ll be super fun, so don’t miss it. Saturday mornings @ 9am -10am PST, on our You Tube Channel. We were doing it on FB and Instagram, but it’s kinda bulky and not as easy to use as the AlleyVision channel and has a better reach. Here’s the LINK again just in case.  Please like and subscribe, we are so close to the 100 subscriber benchmark, when we get there we get more control over our channel, which will allow us to do more teaching and sharing! We love ya and thanks in advance. 🙂

Well that’s it for me today, I have stuff to do.

I hope you are having a great day. Share what you are working on in the comments, or stop by and join our encouragement group, we could all use a little something to keep the creative juices flowing! Encourage someone today, its good for the soul.

<3 HA!




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