All the things and a update on the fluid art experience

Hello art fans! It’s been a wild ride this month…whew! We have shown, painted our fingers off and are preparing for the next event. See our current show schedule HERE.

AlleyVision Schedule of Events 2018

OK, now where was I? Oh yeah, wild rides. Painting has been thrilling, we have advanced our abilities and product lines. Here are some examples of our prowess:

Big Sky #2 40″ x 20″ HA! $225.00

Symbol Fish Series #26 16″ x 20″ HA! $100.00

Unwind the Peace 16″ x 20″ HA! (SOLD)

Big Sky series #4 24″ x 18″ HA! $125.00

As you can see we have upped our game. Yes, I just high-fived you all! we are excited by the response to the new work, locally and on our social media platforms. Speaking of social media…We are doing a live pour hour on Facebook ( on Instagram ( and soon on our You Tube Channel (where all of our current content lives and we have made a lot of new videos, with more on the way) On the You Tube Channel we are so close to having 100 subscribers, which will allow us to Name our Channel, AlleyVision, instead of a string of letters and numbers. It will help us be found in the system and its über important to us. We are at 75 now, so if you love me let me know with a like and a subscribe HERE! 

Here are a few more works that will be seen at the next event the Tigard Art Walk. Come see us and watch us live pour a new painting every hour! We are paired with the BEST company The Beach Hut Deli. It’s gonna be a super fun day!

Ocean Series #17 40″ x 20″ x 2″ HA! Will be available at the show and is priced at $325.00

Ocean Series #18 20″ x 20″ x 2″ HA! Available at the show and is priced at $175.00

Ocean Series #19 40″ x 20″ HA! Will be available at the show and is priced at $275.00

I hope we will see some of you there.

We have done some experimenting with land and sky works as well and here are a couple of examples of those works.

Big Sky Series #25-  16″ x 20″ HA! $100.00

Big Sky Series #26 – 16″ x 20″ HA! $100.00

Big Sky Series #27 – 20″ x 16″ HA! $100.00

We also have worked on solid abstracts, harder than they look, here are a couple I like:

Abstract series #3 – 8″ x 10″ HA! $45.00

Abstract series #5 – 10″ x 20″ HA! $65.00

Self Pour-tait 🙂 8″ x 10″ HA! $45.00

There are tons more to share but by now you are probably sick of this post. lol I hope this finds you all well and good, I love you.

Your friend, HA! <3

Come join us! Share your art! Learn new stuff and make friends. 🙂




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