Down the rabbit hole of controlled pouring

Hello Art Fans! I’m back with another update post on the happenings in the studio. Last time we left off WA and I were moving into the learning curve of the controlled pour landscape. The painting above, Pacific Moon Rise #1, was our breakaway painting from the addiction of painting sunsets over water. I mean, this technique is supper addicting, especially if you love a challenge like we do. In this painting I did use glow in the dark paints in the moon and water…because…whatdaya think? glowing=FUN. šŸ™‚

Next we moved into a different groove. We wanted to conquer light quality in the works…so we picked a favorite place we know well and….The Sand Lake Series was created, take a look.

Sand Lake – Sunrise- WA- 2018 -20″ x 16″

Sand Lake -High Noon- HA!- 2018- 20″ x 16″

Sand Lake – Sunset- HA!- 2018- 20″ x 16″

Sand Lake- Midnight before the Moon- WA- 2018- 20″ x 16″

Not bad, eh? We felt really jazzed about this set so we picked another place we love and see everyday…Mount Hood. Check it out…

Mt. Hood #1-HA!-2018-20″ x 16″

Mt. Hood #2- WA-2018-20″ x 16″

Mt. Hood #3- HA!-2018-20″ x 16″

Whew! We were really feeling the groove I tell ya. Of course, we filmed almost all of these paintings, so in time (when I have more of it) the movies will be released.Ā  All of these paintings are availableĀ  in the shop, they will all be $75.00 USD with free shipping in the USA. Check them out here.

We went on to other experiments. Make sure to stop by on the next post when I start whining about how hard it is to make shapes hold and we learn shading, shape and form in controlled pouring! It’s a hoot and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Have a great week! We love you every day. HAWA <3



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