Controlled Pouring-Landscapes-The Journey

Hey there art fans! It’s Friday, yay! We made it another week round the sun. Good on us. Today I want to take you on a journey. It’s a little walk through our artworks in the studio of late. We are hooked on landscapes…come see:)

Day Becomes Night -HA! 2018 20″ x 16

This one was the first controlled pour we did. I am an oil painter and this painting is/was originally done in oils. You can see it (the original oil painting) HERE.  We used the oil painting to see if we could reproduce what we “saw” with the controlled pour technique. I love it! We became enamored with the success of this painting and wanted to paint something from our minds…so next we tried “Land”…

Land Series #1 HA! 2018 20″x 16″

Land Series #2 HAWA (we each did part of this work) 2018 20″ x 16″

We were pleased with the results! So we tried a couple more:

Land Series #3 HA! 2018- 20″ x 16″

Land Series #4 WA 2018- 20″ x 16″

These went well too! So of course we wanted more challenge and we started the next series ” Pacific Sunsets”

Pacific Sunsets series #1 WA 2018 – 20″ x 16″

Pacific Sunset Series #2 HA! 2018 -16″ x 20″

Excited so of course we did it a few more times…

Pacific Sunset Series #3 WA 2018- 16″ x 20″

Pacific Sunset Series #4 WA 2018- 20″ x 16

This was just the first  of  the controlled pouring…we went on and things got even better and more exciting, fast!

Come back and see the next batch…it’s a doozy and I think you’ll love the work! At least, I hope you will. I have content to create and cheddar to make (at the day job) so I gotta run, I hope this finds you well!

Big love always, your friend, HA! <3



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