Free Shipping is here to stay

Ta-Da! We really want to find homes for these homeless artworks sitting in our studio storage space, they are lonely and starting to complain about the tight quarters…SO…Shipping is on us for anything in the shop! That’s right, FREE for the USA. We will quote the shipping for anyone international and pay 50% of the costs, because we really dig ya’ll.

I am adding all the new and unseen (because they have been hanging out in other places, those cheeky paintings!) to the shop, and there are a lot of them!


I am also adding new work to the print and products pages of the site…you know you want a Pour Painting Shower Curtain…it’s ok, we all do. 🙂 I hope your day is going smooth as silk!


Big Love to you all, every day.  Your friend, HA!


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