Hello! I am still in the land of the living

Hey art fans, long time no blog, eh? I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch with the health stuff, not quite on the other side of it (may never be)…still I persist. 🙂 I have been making art like a mad woman, done a few shows, sold a bunch of artworks and created a new product line, while I was away.

I can’t promise I will be better at the blogging thing, but I will commit to trying harder. 🙂

We have tons of happenings going on up in here, Bill (WA?) and I have been learning/conquering/reformulating the art of acrylic pour painting. We started as a way to create quickly, for awhile I couldn’t stand for very long…and I love to stand while I paint…stubborn to the core. anyway we started pouring to just be able to CREATE! lol

We mastered the basics pretty quickly and felt there was so much more for us to explore. We also noticed that supplies and the learning curve were a little hard to come by and confusing! So, we worked really hard for several months, testing, comparing and experimenting. In the end we developed a pour painting kit, complete with instructional videos and all the supplies for a basic pour. We took all the guess work out of getting started and went through the products to find the safest, non-toxic way to begin! It’s easy, fun and anyone can do it. We love it when people who say “no, I am not an artist, I can’t paint” pour their first painting…we have heard dozens of times, those same people excitedly say, “I am an artist! Look at this painting!” Check out a lot of their works in the pour painting gallery.

Discover your inner artist, have a play date with your kids or grandchildren or just kids you love, have a date night, give it as a gift to that person who loves crafting and art, throw a paint party! Our kits make it easy and everyone is an expert in minutes!
It’s great fun and I can’t get over how much enjoyment I get from watching people explore the materials and themselves too. I love the way it brings us closer together and celebrates creativity for all abilities!

Here’s the info to check it out for yourself, we are going to extend the free shipping for the month of March 2018! We are also launching new kits over the next few weeks and are in filming and production for those instructional videos. I hope you’ll check out our product and maybe give it a try.

We made a great artist encouragement FaceBook group for all the people who love being creative and supportive! Come join us and share your art, no matter what for it takes, we would love to see you there. All ages and abilities are welcome!


Big Love to all, I hope this finds you well.

Your friend, HA! <3

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