The Dryad is ready for her new home

The Dryad SOLD!! 12/22/2017
oils on canvas
48″ x 36″ x 1″
Heather Alley

The Dryad. This oil painting is full of symbols, magic fantasy and gratifying line work. As she sweeps through the seasons, the light plays with her colorful hair and the animals of the forest follow her musical call. She came to me in a dream and told the legend of the soul healing spring, hidden deep, in her forest. Guarded by dragonflies and the great mother trees. As we worked together for many months, I think she became fond of me, because she shared her secrets with me. She is kind and generous and very much a queen. Deeply rich jewel tones and sparkling line work add vibrancy and calmness to this work, I like healthy tensions. As I live with her, I continue to remember the dream, she took me down to the river and washed me clean, smoothing my brow and kissing my closed eyes. I feel her with me, always now. I know how good is is to be loved by a goddess, just as I am.

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