Alien #3 Update- Happy Friday!

Good Friday to you, I hope this post finds you well. I’m gonna do a quick re-cap on the week in studio and then maybe blather a little, I dunno, we will see what happens. 🙂

Alien encounter #3 is coming along, I’m still struggling with an uncooperative pain levels, so progress is slow. There are benefits to being chronically ill…yup, for sure. I am forced to move slower, plan a little more and spend time with the work telling me what to do next. This work is huge, and feels so good while I’m working on her, I literally lose time. That’s the good stuff man, the good, good stuff. Oils on canvas, 24″ x 48″ x 2″ Here she is now…

I took her outside for the light and true colors but also because she mentioned she liked the sound of the waterfall in the pond outside the studio. We sat in the Oregon sunshine soaking up rays and watching the family of hummingbirds, dive bomb the bright sparkling water drops, at the top of the falls. Some dragon flies came by to gossip and we visited with the awakening Maple that resides as Queen Mother to the garden. In her chloroform light we decided on some color choices for her candy colored clouds. She’s very quiet and rarely speaks. When she does, it’s a breathy whisper, like echoes carried by the breeze. She did share with me, that the other alien girls have a a desire for their own personal, names. We have three now, with a fourth appearing in my dreams, she will be here soon. So, while we will run with the series name “Alien Encounters” , the ladies will soon have their own names. I have a thrilling sensation when I work with them, the resonance of my ideas and reactions to the world at large, are held perfectly within these strangers…once alien, now family. 🙂

Have a great weekend, I have to run and get to the day job. Love to all! <3 HA!

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