Why Aliens? To that I say…

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well and good.
I have been working, as you know, on the “alien encounters” series recently. The idea forced it’s way into my brain pan, like a wildfire eats fir trees. The first encounter was a mad-cap, running with scissors, kind of deal. The idea itself had to be born and come to an initial fruition. It was like drinking gin on an empty stomach, she just happened. 🙂
We were both left breathless and excited. She was dreamy to work with. You can see her creation story here.

Then, out of now where…another encounter. This one, she didn’t sneak up on me, she flew into my life on a magic carpet, drinking a blue martini! She is such a cutie-pie, pin-up girl. (side note, full disclosure, I had a short run in the past being a pin-up girl painter) All though, she is still a WIP, because she can’t make up her mind on what color her bikini bottom is. Sheesh! 🙂

I am thinking about the why of these girls, because now there are three…

I know I am painting from my inner voice when things like this pop into my world. I am painting the “alien” in myself, in you, in “other”, in them, in us. I am talking to the part of myself that is screaming…and won’t stop, btw, about how there are no “illegal” humans. That our earth is HOME. That we share space and no human being should be homeless, hungry or alone. I am painting the “alien” on the other side of some skin color, or wall or religion. I am painting the “alien” opinions, information, new thoughts on a social experience, that currently, is on full-tilt boogie. ( exhausting) I am painting the “alien” that lives inside ourselves, the shadow, the story no longer told, the experiences survived and the ghost stories. I am painting the “alien” experience of a world awakening and empires dying, right before my stunned, amazed eyes and sturdy but tired, soul. I am painting the “alien” idea of immersion, resonance and humor that does no harm. I am painting the “alien” idea that a white woman can paint any other skin tone of people; that she is free to explore the wonderful world of human “shades” without ridicule or judgement. I am painting the “alien” idea that I always could paint anything I want too and that I am scared to paint outside myself and what I know and am!!! Wow! Awesome! I get another chance to be brave and go for it and possibly fail and make an ass of myself? OK! I’m in. I only get one shot at the being alive thing…so yeah, I’m gonna do it.

Watch me now…werk!

<3 HA!

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