Meanwhile back at HeadQuarters

Hello art fans! *waves* I miss you guys! You never sing me love songs or send flowers anymore…what’s up? Is it me? Is it us?

Man…whew! Build your own web site and be Queen of your own domain, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. Everyone’s doing it! (they said)

OMGoodness…holy crap, Bat Man…this is super hard!

I think I have things running ok now, and it seems to be working. Time will tell.

I have added the work in a little at a time, as I am still not feeling well and I’m still working,  slowly.

Me and alien Girl #2 are still hanging out…she’s not an easy one to finish…well, ya know aliens, what are you gonna do? I should call her in to #45’s Alien Hotline, for being so cheeky. We will get there. I’ll post some pictures later. Well I better scoot to the day job, pay those bills ya know. Have a great day! Love always, HA!


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