So, this Alien Girl stopped by the studio


Hello art fans! How’s Monday treating you so far? Me? Well, thanks for asking. I rested most  of the weekend. Went gathering for supplies, watched a movie, you know, just hung out. 

This morning I got up, poured the coffee and started looking at the empty easel. I stuck a new 24″ x 34″ x .75″ canvas up there. I then googled females in pose. I needed a model for what was in my head. I found a fashion model image and used it for the posture I wanted. Then I googled: 


Which is: a desert peninsula in Pisco Province on the south coast of Peru.

The archaeologist states that the Paracas skulls, the position of the foramen magnum is completely different than a normal human being, it is also smaller, which lends itself to our theory that this is not cradle headboarding, this is genetic.

Author and researcher LA Marzulli

Around 300 of the amazing skulls were found by Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello in 1928 in an elaborate graveyard.

But there still remains a mystery over the shape of the Paracas skulls.

Fascinating stuff! 
Then I got to work putting the ideas together, blending the human shape I wanted with the fantasy/sci-fi skull shape I think she has….as I drew and erased and re drew the lines as I wanted them, she started talking to me. 
Alien Girl 2 by HA 2017
She’s a dreamy thing, wondering what the ocean looks like today with the heavy low clouds bursting cold rain. She was talking about summer and how she can’t wait till she can lay in the warm sand and soak up all the light, deep into her bones. 
I think we will have fun exploring her imagination while I get this painting done. Can’t wait to hear what she is dreaming of next. Stay tuned 🙂
Love always, HA! <3 

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