Friday eve and the studio is quietly waiting

Hello and howdy to everyone. Things are clipping along here at the studio, we are planning out our first Adult Open Studio paint night. It’s so exciting to think of the studio full of people ready to play and have fun painting. I can’t wait to have our first soft opening of this hopefully, monthly event. We have a great space to work in, it is a really big space for 2, but it will keep us to a limit of 10 people per event.

We are looking into finding a catering person and a roaming musician, possibly. We are talking to a very talented and highly educated artist to help encourage people in their painting endeavors, during the event. We want it to be a fun, easy and worthwhile event. I hope people have fun, meet new friends and get into painting! I’m super excited…lol, per usual.




Also, this web site building gig…whew! OMG, so hard. I am putting myself through some self directed education on web site stuff, so I hope the web site will continue to evolve and improve in functionality and enjoyment. Lord have mercy, it’s hard work, I tell ya.

Other than that I am taking it easy still, easel work time is down to the minimums. I am learning to paint while sitting, totally different approach to the canvas. Learning new things all the time, keeps the mind sharp, at least that’s what I hear.

I continue to add new works to the Shop and new work into the Brave Heart Art Project, too. Everything has been tied together, now you can shop with a secure shopping cart on this site or through our Facebook business page. Yeah, we are on target to have a great summer, we have lots of fun stuff planned and a full body of work to share and find permanent homes for. Let’s go universe! Let’s go! 🙂 It’s on like donkey kong, yup. 


I gotta shake a tail-feather and get into the day job, because this  Mamma needs new paint brushes, so I’d better get to the money making part of the day.

Hope this post finds you well and good in your neck of the woods. 

Love always, HA! <3




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  1. Faith-Madgalene
    April 23, 2017

    This sounds so fun! I wish I were there.


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