New Work- first times-alien encounters

Hey everyone. *waves* I have been working at a slow steady pace over here, not one to belabor a point, simply put, I continue.

I am pretty happy with this new work, (yet untitled) for a few reasons. For a start this was a double first time! At Christmas, I received 2 birch wood  cradles from my oldest son and his lovely girlfriend. First #1, I got to learn how to paint on bare, smooth, beautifully finished, soak up my paint and teach me a new world, wood. It was awesome. I loved it. These are super nice and thick substrates…new favorite thing.

#2 new thing, I painted an alien! lol yup an alien. Well, I am one to approach new things with gusto and enthusiasm…if you want more background on this painting read the post here. 

On with the show shall we?


This is where you guys last saw her…I’ll show just the highlights from the completion. If you ever want to see every single progress shot as the works go together, please friend me in the social links! I do tons of stuff daily over there, being a retired performer, it is my way of sharing…interactive, performance painting, in a way.

OH, Good golly, Get On with it…

17342513_10155301048958714_540529420258633120_n (1).jpg


17457251_10155301792033714_3119861179851673821_n (1).jpg

I considered this stage…I still like her powder pale and may do this painting again just for that effect.

Annnnnnnnd…….BAM! she ended up here…


I had a lot of fun doing a double first time. I hope you enjoyed watching her come together, too. If you are interested in her deets, here ya go:

“alien girl” (that’s what I’ve been calling her for now…)

16″ x 20″ x 2″

Oils on Birch wood cradle

HA! 2017

$275.00 USD + Shipping

Painted sides, COA & comes ready to hang if you think she belongs to you.

When she is dry, that is.

Big Love

<3 HA!

P.S. don’t forget, we offer art-lay-a-way plans, tailored to fit any budget. We make it easy to own original art. <3


  1. Faith-Madgalene
    March 30, 2017

    Love the flowers in her hair. That’s great.

    1. HA!
      March 30, 2017

      I thought they had a cherry blossom feel to them myself. 🙂


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