Girl, where are you from?

*New fine art in progress*  **Squeeee!****

Bill mentioned that at one stage in another little studio work, that the woman looked like an alien. (she is the last image at the end of this post and the inspiration for this fine artwork)

My brain went *bing!*

Of course we talked the rest of the evening, we talked about what an alien-human hybrid might look like.

Next morning, she showed up. This is my first alien encounter and so far, I am loving it. She is sweet.

She is still unnamed and is 16″ x 20″ x 2″ birch wood cradle oils. I hope she turns out awesome…yay! for the adventure!

Join me, won’t you? Lets see what happens next! Love always HA!

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17264393_10155282789773714_611461172839825245_n (1).jpg17361580_10155283781538714_2769669825196715751_n.jpg17353356_10155286056408714_5687253432983911389_n.jpg17352171_10155287072378714_8037632092386883029_n.jpg



Above image is the little studio work untitled at the moment, I have been calling her “wild woman” lol 12″ x 16″ x .5″ oils & mixed media *Brave Heart Art Project painting* Make me an offer you can afford for “wild woman” hit the link to learn more about the Brave Heart Art Project (and social experiment) 


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  1. […] I am pretty happy with this new work, (yet untitled) for a few reasons. For a start this was a double first time! At Christmas, I received 2 birch wood  cradles from my oldest son and his lovely girlfriend. First #1, I got to learn how to paint on bare, smooth, beautifully finished, soak up my paint and teach me a new world, wood. It was awesome. I loved it. These are super nice and thick substrates…new favorite thing. #2 new thing, I painted an alien! lol yup an alien. Well, I am one to approach new things with gusto and enthusiasm…if you want more background on this painting read the post here.  […]


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