Is it Studio art or Fine Art?

Hello art fans, how are you doing this week? I hope this post finds you well, I really do.

Back in the studio, life has calmed back down, post show. It took a solid 2 weeks for my body to recover, almost anyway. Good enough for government work, so I am back at the easel. Next show, we will be hosting in our home studio, I don’t imagine that show will wear me out any less, because it’ll be a big deal too…but at least I’ll be in my special chair so I will hold up better overall.

We are still working on the inspiration idea of taking unfinished (or stuck) paintings, running them through various free, art apps and then gaining new inspiration to finish the works. Its been great for liberating the MoJo. We post daily shots of work in the studio on our  social media feed (links are also in the side bar to the right, please come join us!) and it got us to thinking about the differences in our “studio work” and the Fine Art that we produce. I will take a moment here to explain,

We often get called prolific in our work by observers. In our studio we are two full time, with paying day jobs, artists. We are also working full time hours in the studio. I work from home so I do my day job, while I do art. I’m awesome like that, not really, in my job I talk on the phone all day as an intuitive counselor. It’s a stressful, emotionally speaking and physically too. Stress is hard on the system, so if I can…I paint while I talk. I’ve been working this way for 10 years now. Bill, works for Portland parks during the day as a Horticulturist, so physically demanding for sure. He works in studio in the evenings and like wildfire every weekend. Now, to my point…

As professionals, we work when we have ideas and when we don’t. We work. A lot. We use top grade fine art paint for everything. However…not all substrates are equal.

Studio works, in our place, are works done on the cheaper quality, student grade canvas. These are sturdy, lightweight wood frame canvas that are back stapled for clean sides. Just a step up in quality from craft but still a professional looking finished substrate. Being that they are middle grade on the canvas side of things, we don’t expect them to last more than a few decades. They are more temporal works in nature, we are working on theory, design, concept and color palettes…we are both self taught artists so some of these works will also fall into the category of “learning or experimenting” .  This is where we play, learn and grow. These works are usually not signed on the front but will be signed on the backside. We do not offer COA’s with studio works. They have painted sides and are sealed, ready to hang. Great stuff happens all the time but as artists trying to create a body of work…not all studio works will “level-up”.

Fine Art is done after the ideas are worked out and most problems (conceptually) have been solved. We jump to the expensive, museum grade canvas. These are heavy, deep box frames with fine linen canvas, usually back spline (like the stuff that goes around your window screens) sometimes back stapled, canvas. These canvas’s can cost between 50.00 -150.00 each. When you paint something that expensive…you want to have at least a plan. Making fine art, it’s expensive. We expect these fine artworks to last a lifetime, and we prepare and finish them with that in mind. These works are signed front and back. They come with proper documentation (COA) and copyrights.  These works are “cured” (a professional grade sealing for oil paints) and ready to hang.

We always use the very best quality, professional oil paints, 75%  Gamblin the other  25% various brands for specific colors, on all the works.

Studio works can be sold for…well whatever, they don’t really have a price point. If something good happens we take professional pictures for prints or alterations later and sell the studio’s or gift them. We love our work, we make a lot of it to find the Fine Art! We can produce a 100 studio works for every 25-30 fine works, finished. Studio works are done fast, usually within a day or a few hours. Small, fast and furious. Fine artworks can take weeks or even months to complete, hundreds of hours sometimes.

We do work a lot, we do crank out a ton of artwork, we have too…if we don’t our brains will burst into flames. No lie. We are professionals. We work jobs for a living…we create art to live. We live for art. We never let anything get between us and the making. Salty or sweet, we work. That’s the artists life…if in doubt, go work it out (in the studio).

I hope that helps everyone understand how we can have some works, where we are like…”what can you afford to give me for it?” (studio works) and this is “a set price artwork”. If we spend months of hard work to create something, we deserve to be paid for our skill and time, just like any professional.

We stay full of passion by selling the studio works for whatever the buyer can afford because we can! It’s awesome! We love selling our work and knowing people got all excited about something we did, is. the. stuff! It keeps our creative “gas tanks” FULL.


Wanna see a visual example? 🙂 MKay, I gotchya.


the bottom part of the above image is the original untouched studio painting that’s been around too long.The top image is the same painting after computer processing.


(above) this is the first stage of alteration, after computer assisted “re-inspiration”. This is a studio work, I have a few hours of playtime invested so far. Oils 20″ x 16″ 17191017_10155250357208714_4107695848454147302_n.jpg

This image (above) Is a fine artwork on a deep, huge canvas. the top part of the image is the original and the bottom is processed. I have about 25 hours into it already and I got stuck…about 2 months ago, been staring at it forever…argh! Oils 24″ x 32″ x 2″




I got unstuck! I didn’t end up using the inspiration rework at all…I just needed a kick start.

I am looking forward to the finish of this one! I love painting shadows…love, love, love!

So, that’s all from me today, I gotta get to work as I have a huge amount of money to raise before I can pay the tax man this year…omg, wish me luck. 🙂

Love always, HA! <3

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