Suprise! It's a weekend Flash Sale

Hello there, it’s me…HA! here with an important announcement! We are having a flash sale! Woot! It’s been awhile since we did a fun thing since February was all too busy with the show. (see the post beneath this one for the mini-movie)

So, Flash Sale it is! It starts when I post this and ends on 3/5/17 Sunday, 9pm PST. Each of the works listed below are one simple and easy price…$50.00 +shipping! (I am happy to give you a shipping quote with no strings attached, I know shipping can make or break a choice…no worries, just ask! If you know how to do it yourself, we are shipping from zip code 97230) If you would like to claim one of these studio works, shoot me an email (tribealley@ or hit me up in the comments!

Ready? Go! —–>


lol….we thought it was funny…here’s the artworks for real. 🙂 Only $50.00 each! I will combine shipping and ship worldwide. 🙂

Doppler shift WA 2015 16″ x 20
It takes Two HA 2015 18″ x 24
Monster Suit #6 HA 2008 18″ x 24″
Marking the days HA 2016 16″ x 20″ x 2″
Personal protest shield handpainted HAWA
Let it begin with me HA 2016 20″ x 20″
Left leaning Lotus HA 2016 16″ x 20″
mirror pond 18″ x 24″ HA 2016
Birthday Moon HA 2015 16″ x 20″
Got my eye on you HA 2016 18″ x 24″
The tempest HA 2016 16″ x 20″
Music series “B cord” HAWA 2016 16″ x 20″
Music Series “C cord” HAWA 2016 16″ 20″

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