Star light-Poetry


artwork: wip HA! oils “it looks like this to me”


The devil lights matches

predator of spirit

black snake tongue coiled

at the edge of the garden

matrix  light sparking


In this meaty existence

golden strands transmit

information travels

from heel to head

lightening strikes a dissonant bell

hiding from what we are

at dawn there is stillness

brief translucence marking

the unsearchable dark-side

twin moons seeking


In dreams, I cover myself

with sacred ash from the fires

I sparkle like the starlight I wear

absorbing unified understanding

spiritual sovereignty indigestible

to the devils plying painful fear


stone girls do not need feet

to dance in the

fires sacred shadow.

Watch her now

peaceful in dreams

reality a prison of flesh

listen, see…pain, her eyes

moons sprouting wings

bulletproof vest spiritual chest

moving while standing still

Taurus field transmissions

envelop the crowd in first light

teeth those ancient bones

cutting sunlight breaking thread

while the fields burn

she folds time

divine raw radiance

salvaged edge

to tattered edge.

HA! 2107

This poem is about my experience of living with chronic pain.


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