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Hello, howdy, how-ya-doing this fine Sunday? I’m finally feeling a tad bit better after the wonderful, fun and exhausting show. We had a great time, sold a few works and enjoyed all the arts we were experiencing. It was an expensive show, because it was our first one, mostly. We now have every work in the studio signed, papered and finished…that’s really cool.We have all the supplies for a show now, we can do it again and it’ll be a lot easier to do, in general. No show is easy to do, not for me anyway. Nothing is easy anymore except loving and creating art. As it should be I guess.

Putting together the installation work “Top Hat Revolution” was very satisfying to us personally…and I kinda thought Portland would dig them too. One of them sold to a friend who is just as crazy cool as we are, so there is that…but they didn’t really go over let’s say. Sheesh. Ya just never know with art and that’s A-Ok. We enjoyed the making and still intend to continue to stand for peace, justice, love, understanding and equality for all humans…like it or not. The installation didn’t get to go up like we wanted due to lack of space…Bill built the coolest hat rack ever with lights and everything. Eh, another day. It also has a playlist…yes, the art installation has an ongoing, updated daily, playlist. You can check it out on our You Tube station or by using the #POTUS45Playlist hashtag. We have to push back against the grinding doom feelings…this is how we do it. We use art and humor.

RAW was an interesting experience overall…I have never tried to sell art while screaming into peoples ear over the extremely loud bands on the stage. lol it was so crazy! People don’t have any money either, these days we are all just living hand to mouth out here. People were very cool and shared what they thought about the work though and that was worth the experience right there. Working in studio is like living in a bubble sometimes and you can feel like you are creating in the dark. Getting feedback and authentic emotional connections….PRICELESS! We did have an incredible first time sale…We sold our very first co-created work. I mean I have held on to that painting forever because it means so much to me and it was incredible to see it go home with people who were super excited and happy to have found it in the treasure bin! Best. Feeling. Ever!! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, came to the show and cheered us on for the whole thing! We really, honestly love you and can’t be more grateful to all of you…yes, you. I’m terrible at taking pictures during events…I am very present when I am doing stuff and I always forget to take pictures! lol Goodness. I did manage a few, so there ya go. I hope you all are having a great weekend, this sore and tired cripple is gonna hobble over to the easel and finish my newest painting…the work continues! And so do I. 🙂  Love always, HA! <3


The new WIP…I like the flow it’s gonna be a good one I think. 🙂


This is the HAWA that sold. SWOON! I love these two new to me friends 🙂


the booth


This is the fabulous woman who married us and she’s the best cousin ever!

<3 I love you all. so. much. <3

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