20 days & Counting-RAW Portland Show

Hey everyone! *waves* we are getting so excited about the show, it’s a flurry of work going on in studio, it’s a hot mess up in here, right now. lol It’s all good, we are happy to be working so hard. We feel blessed. This will be Bill’s (WA) first show experience and AlleyVisions debut, so to speak,  on the local scene. We finally have enough really good work completed to open the doors (by appointment only). I LOVE first times! As we get older they get more rare in a life so I soak that good stuff up when it is available. 

We have a commitment to sell 20 tickets to the show, it off-sets the costs of producing such a large show in a expensive venue. If we are blessed enough to make sales at the show, the producers of RAW Portland take no commissions from our night. We are excited to bring our new product line out to share with the locals! We are being a little provocative. We are being a little outspoken. We are transmuting our existence with artwork. It rocks. Right now we are making a bunch of top hats…yup you read that right, top hats. Why, you ask? You will have to come to the show and find out!

If you hit the flyer image you will be whisked over to our RAW Page and on the left hand side of the page about half-way down is a link box that says Buy Tickets. We have sold 4 tickets so far. All ticket buyers will receive 25% off any artwork they desire, either at the show, or in the future. They will not expire until used. We just want to say thank you for your support, encouragement and love these last three years. Building AlleyVision has been one of the most fun experiences I have ever had as an artist. 


Here is a sneak peek at the things we are working on….the steampunk hat is one of my personal favorite projects right now…it’s still in process, so the reveal will be at the show. Oh, anyway…take a look and please, come to the show and celebrate with us!  All the love, always, HA! <3 http://www.rawartists.org/alleyvision



WA modeling the latest in political art…the top hat. 🙂 The hats will have words on them, on the ribbon band that say stuff like…”Resist” “We the People” “This is my protest hat” (I think that one is funny) “top hat resistance” “POTUS Mad Hatter” “not my president” “alternative hats”( knee slapper)  “People are the Power” “eat the rich” maybe…maybe not, we are still tossing ideas around on that. Regardless…the bands will be reversible, so you can hide the message or not. 🙂 I guess we will see…

Come to the show! <3 



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