Gus the Moose

Hello Art Fans! Let me introduce to you a commissioned work I did over the holiday’s. This is “Gus”. I had a great time painting this moose, it was commissioned by a beloved patron for her Mother.

Lordy, lemme tell you… did I ever want to do a good job! I worked hard to get him just the way they wanted him and reports coming back are I hit a home run! Yay! Whew! lol I hope you enjoy taking a look at Mr. Gus…he is the nicest guy and a great listener. 🙂 Love Always, HA! 




  1. fredliness
    January 24, 2017

    Holy shit , Wowsers and Awesome all at the same time!!! Great job Heather!!! He’s beautiful and adorable too! <3

    1. HA!
      January 25, 2017

      Thanks! He was a lot of fun to do and I felt like I was channeling him instead of painting him. 🙂 I super enjoyed creating him and that he was well received made my whole heart burst with happy! <3 Yay for the moose! 🙂


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