An Honest Smelting-Mini MoviePoem

Hello everyone! *waves* How you doing out there in this wild and crazy world? Are you hanging in there? Staying warm/cool? Taking good care of yourself? I hope so, I am doing all those things and more.

The studio is humming with new projects and new ideas with deadlines. Oh, how I love a deadline. I impose them on myself all. the. time. lol I find it is a healthy form of tension that keeps my professional self sharp and sustains motivation to strive for my best work, every time I address the easel.You never know when the “MasterWork” will happen!   How about you out there…do you like/dislike deadlines? I’d love to start a conversation about work practices of self employed/self actualized wage earners. I think it could be interesting. Hit that comment link and belly up to the bar, will ya?

The Mini MoviePoem above, is my own work. I have seasons for the writing and performing it seems. Learning my natural creative flow is an exciting permission to have in my world. Living with and being married to another soul that is also passionately creating his own world…amazing. We are not always on the same page, creatively speaking, and you know what? That is just fine..and so much more interesting than having a static experience where justification for expense on art creation is only allowed when money is actually being made on art!! What freedom! We are creators. We spend our time, efforts and money on supplies when we need them. Time is dedicated and revered for the thinking and dreaming of said art AND we dedicate all the time required to produce the work and share it with the world. It. Is. Amazing. to have a partner that thinks “my work” is important and necessary. The bonus that he also paints, writes, sings and plays multiple instruments, puts the art & culture in the word Horticulture and can cook, clean and make anything he wants with his hands and mind? Freaking awesome. We are also creative nightmares with projects everywhere and lost tools and no one ever knows where anything is, least of all the car keys. Neither of us minds, so it’s cool.

Anyhooo…I have to get to the day job. I hope everyone has a good day, it is a full moon so monitor your surroundings with merciless compassion and be good to your highest self’s thoughts & feelings. Respect yourself. Be Kind. To yourselves too, say no if you need too. It’s all good. Make something beautiful for yourself today and offer it to another, tender heart. This moviepoem is mine, for you.

Love always, HA!


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