Shaking it loose, Welcome 2017!

Hello and how are you doing? Are you having a good start to the new year? I sure hope so.

I have been laying low for about a month now, trapped in a little bubble of chronic pain. I still work while I feel this way, just at a slower pace. The work actually helps the bubble and this too shall…well, it will lessen at the very least, at some point. We just take each day, be grateful to have it, embrace the suck and get on with what can be done. 🙂

I’m currently working steadily, to completion of this work…so  far untitled…thoughts about that later in the post…


She is huge…wall size 36″ x 48″ x .75″ oils.

You might remember her from late spring (2016), when she first arrived on the breath of summers promise. She looked like this when we first met…


We have had tons of conversations about soul evolution, emotional endurance, quantum physics and of course some good old gossip sessions, she tells the best stories about the happenings of the natural world. She is a Goddess, dontcha know? 🙂 We embraced the changes the seasons brought our friendship and work continues… The symbols in the New Moon rising behind her read from left to right, Hope, Healing, Blessing, Dreamer, Goddess. It is written in ancient Lumerian script. 🙂 They say they were giant people who co-existed with the dinosaurs….I like that idea.

I also did the most awesome Moose commission for a beloved Patron and I can’t wait for the go-ahead to share it. Stay tuned for that, you’ll love him, I just know it, he has the kindest eyes and I named him Gus.

We continue, eh? Another year round the sun is offered and I plan to remain, steady and true to my I AM. Hold my dharma close and embrace what I can learn from contrasts…natural, self created and circumstantial as well. I plan to continue to learn to embrace what comes to me as my own and love myself more every chance I get to be aware enough to engage with that mind set. I plan to continue. That seems enough to me and I am happy because I choose to be not unhappy with my bits and pieces. I am not my mind. I AM and that is good and fine and gracefully peaceful whenever possible and most importantly, it is enough. Surviving to thriving…I’m gonna burn it all up before I go.

I hope you remember that I will and always do, love you. HA!

Yay! 2017…wanna dance? I am thinking about starting the year with a Name That Painting contest for this Lady…the winner would get the very first print from this painting as a reward for their brilliance…would that be a good way to start the year off? Let me hear from you…yay or nay?

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