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Holy Moley Folks! The end of 2016 is nigh. It’s end times for the year of years…whew! What a frickin year. I don’t know about you, here the year was a blessing and one of the harder years I’ve gutted out, in this lifetime. I am not a complainer, but Lord have mercy, I hope 2017 is a little more…I’ll leave it there. I will 2017 to be MORE. I want to become MORE of myself, more comfortable in my own skin, loving MORE of this reality and being More: Open, Wise, Educated, Optimistic, Grounded, Seduced by my Muses, Strong in my mind and body, Loving with myself, Integrated, Tuned In, In Active Love With Everything that comes to me, no matter what it is. More shadow embraced. More dance steps learned and used. More self care. More risks. More adventure. More Nature. More time with friends and much more time spent talking to the Universe, source.


I don’t think money buys any of that stuff…well it might make the adventures more easy…screw that! I don’t want easy adventure…isn’t that an oxymoron anyway?

Anyway, that’s the mind think on that. I have a few other topics I’d like to cover. Like, time? What’s up with that? I mean, it seems to be going faster? Has the world started spinning just a little bit faster? Am I the only one feeling this? Is this how a person processes the effects of time, when that person knows, intimately, how little time we all get? Near death experiences…yup, long term life altering health conditions, check. Being in Love for the first time and wanting live, live, live as long as possible to soak that good stuff up, like dry bread in hot soup…for sure.

It might just be me. I feeeeeeeeeel it though, I mean my cheeks are flapping  in the wind, like a puppy on his first ride home. No joke. I feel like I’m in a race by myself and there is never going to be a place to pull over and rest, again. Not that I need rest. I’ll sleep more when I am actually dead. Until then…with proper care and attention I plan to die very old and on my own feet, exhausted down to the cell level. I am going to burn it all up.

I have been working on some new things and getting ready for the new year’s work flow, in the studio. Mapping out the next years works has always been a fun thing for me. I rarely follow the plan anyway, as I am prone to distraction. It’s always nice to have a general idea for the work though, as I tend to wander around looking at pretty things and pointing with my mouth open, otherwise.

I have had a yearly goal of 55-80 completed oil paintings a year, for about a decade. I have found, to get 55 solid, good, well executed paintings done a year, I have to paint about 150-200 paintings. LORD have Mercy. That has created vast amounts of…lol…waste. Artistic slag. At least, that’s what I have always experienced. This last year saw, 100+ paintings created, half of which were good. Progress people, progress! It’s only taken 15 years of daily work to get there, so I am ahead of schedule…being that I ain’t dead yet. Plus I learned the art of the paint over that shit. The principle of 0 fucks to give, I don’t like it, hand me the gesso and that bottle of wine…achieved! 🙂 Good stuff.

I also found some handy dandy techno stuff. Like apps and software that allow me to rework things on the computer, instead of costly supplies. WOW! These computer thingy’s are pretty neat-o! I have been putting myself through a self education program to learn to use them and running my art journal sketches through them, as well as unfinished works. Its awesome! I’ve even come up with about 300 designs in a few weeks. I’ve put a few of them up in my RED BUBBLE store and my FINE ART AMERICA store. (hit the links) Check it out! Super fun, I hope you like them. I’m going to recreate many of the computer enhanced images in oil paint. I think that’s an exciting challenge.

I always like to learn a new skill every year, this year will be the Animal  Kingdom. I want to know how to paint All Of Them. 🙂 I love goal setting. Who knows what will come of it, shoot for the moon, I always say.

That’s all from me for now, I have a commission, for a beloved long time patron, I am working hard on to deliver before Christmas. I’m painting a Canadian Moose!  I mean I set my intention to the learning and a perfect for me commission, pops up. Within days of that thinking process and intention setting. Yup, I am a powerful being, indeed. Thank you Universe, I really appreciate you, like for real, you and me, we cool. We real super cool.

That’s all from Puddletown. Big love to everyone, I hope your year ends with a lot of love and joy. 🙂 <3 HA!

Here are a few of the graphic images I have come up with that I really like. You can see more at the links above or in the menu at the top of this page.








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  1. Faith-Madgalene
    December 20, 2016

    The green one is so spectacular!


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