Mastering states of being

artwork: New work in progress 22″ x 28″ oils HA! 2016 untitled



Ancient recipes, reading small prints

antediluvian secrets, keys to bliss

now streaming live, channeled from off world

re-shape your destiny with these 5  cures.


Cliche, hyperbole being incomplete clues

remaining curiously playful

labeling anything that moves.

Quietly digging through the night

contrasting fertile limitations

snipers hiding in plain sight.


Reality it seems,

is a cold hard red clay

packaged in reusable plastics

with improved biodegradability

dinosaur juice modeling

a vague culpability.


I found some on sale,

at the corner store


the baking instructions

on the back of this here box,


boil until ripe belly’s bloat,

simmer until share holders split

disgorging the carmine,

cool before serving

the sacred only congeals

after the *cochineal float.

HA! 2016

*cochineal are a scale insect from which the natural dye carmine is derived. [they are a tropical *sessile parasite that lives on cactus.* Sessile: Latin for moves on it’s own]

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